Supporting the arts and cinema in the region

About Us

WEST MIDLANDS COMMUNITY CINEMA AND ART SPACES CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Corporation (CIC) supporting the local community in the West Midlands with essential access to cinema and the arts in all its forms, securing spaces and supporting venues to ensure that the local community is served for all its needs.

Our core values are;

  • Partnerships
  • Collaboration
  • Learning
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Diversity
  • Social change
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Job Creation

It is our remit to secure and support local community assets in both the arts and cinema in the West Midlands region, creating robust and sustainable projects that increase social impact in the community long term. 

Our remit is to provide;

  • Direct delivery of projects
  • Supporting others to deliver projects
  • Securing community assets that might be lost indefinitely within the community

Our main aim is to see local communities flourish within the arts and cinema providing rewarding experiences to change their lives, while engaging with wider and diverse audiences in the community delivering projects that are both powerful and informative. The key driving force will always be what benefits the community and the tangible outcomes that are produced by these projects while promoting sustainable changes for the future.